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Both& is a Transmasculine and Non-Binary Fashion Brand With Inclusive Design by Print mag

Dedicated to transmasculine apparel, Both& is a new brand filling a gaping void in the fashion industry.

Launching today, the upstart brand has a unique sizing system; instead, they concentrate on fit and function to make the most comfortable cut for transmasculine bodies. Emphasizing the focus on their shapes and proportions gives the transmasculine community a brand that they both want and deserve to feel comfortable in.

Finnegan Shepard founded the brand while he was recovering from top surgery in 2020. He spent a lifetime navigating the fashion world that simply wasn’t designed with his body in mind. As Finnegan spoke with other trans and nonbinary folks, he realized that he wasn’t alone in his frustrations with the fashion industry. Instead of waiting on change, he set out to make a difference through the founding of Both&.

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