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Coming Out Is a Journey: 20 LGBTQ+ People Share Their Stories by Good Housekeeping

"I am one of those trans people who was always very clear that I was a boy. That was very obvious to me since birth. I think there’s a natural androgyny to children. I dressed like a boy, I cut my hair like a boy and played with boys. The body was this sort of irrelevant, almost anatomical mistake, that really didn’t impact my day-to-day life. Puberty obviously made things more complicated, and then I got Type I Diabetes when I was 15. Diabetes requires you to be in constant contact with your body, and I was really trying to just distract myself from the body entirely. So I felt in that moment like I would die if I didn't learn to live in the body that I was in. And I guess that means I'm a lesbian. But I never really came out, as such. With my mom in particular, I went downstairs one day and my mom was reading on the couch. And I was like, “Well, I'm attracted to women.” She just kind of looked up at me like, “Of course you are. Can you unload the dishwasher?” For the next 12 years or so, I didn't particularly identify with my body but transitioning just wasn't something I think I was ready to deal with."

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