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Gender joy: the state of feeling comfort and joy in your gender identity and presentation.

We all deserve gender joy. We deserve to wake up in the morning, put on clothing that feels good, and see our true self reflected back at us in the mirror. 

It may sound simple, but we believe that empowering the transmasculine, nonbinary, and gender non conforming communities to feel seen, safe, and empowered is important work. 

That's why we've spent three years interviewing and surveying thousands of people to begin building a whole new fit system, one designed with our needs and desires in mind. 

It's time to stop hoping the fashion industry will wake up to our needs. It's time to build our own brand. 

Support our mission and ability to continue the costly work of designing new styles from scratch by purchasing some garments today, or by donating to our pay it forward program, which enables us to get garments to those who are not currently able to afford them. 

Our garments are ethically and sustainably produced, and the product of (literally) years of labor. We know you'll love them.