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How it all started.

In the summer of 2020, while healing from top surgery, I googled 'trans man swimwear' on a whim. I was so looking forward to finally being able to swim at a public pool and feel comfortable in my skin, but I had a little problem: I had never found men's swim trunks that fit.

After searching the internet and not finding what I wanted, I decided to go and talk to all the transmasc people I knew to see whether they also suffered from the same problem.

Over the last three years, I have interviewed and surveyed thousands of folks in the community, and worked with the most talented people in the fashion industry to develop a whole new fit and sizing system specifically for our needs, embodied in high quality, small batch capsules of designs.

Our clothing is made with extraordinary attention to detail, in high quality materials, and is sourced and produced sustainably and ethically. We are constantly working to expand our collections and better serve the community. Throughout the process, our north star remains the same: we believe that everyone deserves gender joy. That we all deserve to wake up, put on clothing that fits, and see our true self reflected back at us in the mirror.

Both& is on a mission to bring that gender joy to as many people as we can.

Thank you for joining us on our journey, we truly couldn't do it without you.

Finnegan Shepard, Founder & CEO