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The entire fashion industry is build around the 'average' proportions of cisgendered bodies. 

That means that no matter how well-intentioned brands are with their messaging or representation in marketing, no real innovation been made, and the clothing doesn't fit. 

If you're an AFAB, masc presenting person, you don't need 'permission' to shop from the men's section. You need clothing designed for your body, that creates square shapes and helps you feel gender joy. 

We've spent the last two years compiling the data to do just that. 

We've perfected the proportions of our shirts to have:

  • A shorter torso
  • A narrower shoulder
  • More room around the hips
  • A well-fitted sleeve, and
  • A raised collar to hide binders

As well as tested dozens of different fabrics to find the perfect blend that is heavy enough to hold structure, while still being soft and super comfortable to wear. 

We also do our best to offer as many resources as possible for you to understand how our shirts fit. Every product has a fit guide and size guide available on the product page. We also have a video with a founder Finn discussing how to understand fit and sizing available here

Most importantly, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email or use the chat. 

There are two key problems with cisgender fit systems. If you are AFAB and want a masc silhouette, then you are stuck between buying women's clothing that has proportions that work for your body but create a feminine silhouette, or buying men's clothing that has a masculine silhouette but doesn't fit right. Men's clothing tends to be too long and tight, bunching in the wrong places and hanging off in others.
By contrast, Both& garments use a totally new fit pattern that we've developed through thousands of data points from AFAB, masc presenting community members. You can think of other clothing categories like maternity wear or plus size clothing as a good anaology: different body shapes require different proportions to achieve a desired fit. The illustration on the right shows some of the key changes we've made to make t shirts that create an effortlessly masc silhouette.

On call help with fit and sizing.

We are always available to help you find your perfect fit.

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