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The entire fashion industry is built around the 'average' proportions of cisgendered bodies. 

That means that no matter how well-intentioned brands are with their messaging or representation in marketing, no real innovation been made, and the clothing doesn't fit. 

If you're an AFAB, masc presenting person, you don't need 'permission' to shop from the men's section. You need clothing designed for your body, that creates your desired silhouette and helps you feel gender joy. 

We've spent the last three years compiling the data to do just that. 

So if you are tired and disheartened from shirts always being too long and narrow at the hip, pants chaffing at the thighs and hanging off your ankles, or sleeves needing to be cuffed up, you've found the right spot. It's not rocket science, it's just proper fit, where your body and priorities are finally put first.