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Welcome to the dream transmasc long sleeve shirt. 

Raglan style seam to make shoulders look bigger ✔️

Adjusted proportions to fit AFAB, masc-presenting bodies ✔️

Medium weight, premium cotton for a comfy fit ✔️

Classic, retro style ✔️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Perfect for dysphoria around the hips!

This design is absolute genius. My hips are very wide compared to the rest of my upper body, and this is possibly the first shirt ever in which I don't get any dysphoria concerning that at all! The shirt gives me a bulkier appearance than usual, and I definitely like the look of it. Looking forward to buying more from you in the future!

Fen Holden

Haven’t received them yet… but I’m sure they’ll be great, the rating isn’t a reflection on the product but the time it has taken to ship to me!

Hi Fen--unfortunately we can't control international shipping times, which are super backed up with supply chain issues these days. That's why we warn all international customers about shipping cost and timeline before putting through orders. I have checked the tracking and your shirts are en route. I hope they reach you soon :)

Brianna Forbes
Best Fabric Ever!

The soft heavyweight fabric is a quality I hope you never stop producing in your shirts. I love it. I'm able to wear this shirt in the summer time with no problems at all. And that sounds almost insane considering it's a long sleeve and heavyweight shirt, but it's so incredibly true. The fabric does have fantastic coverage around the chest, better than any shirt I've ever had. To be completely honest however, it doesn't fully cover me around the chest. It would probably be enough for most people, I guess, but my gender dysphoria does not give an inch in that area. I know this is a really bad thing to do, but I do end up using 2 binders (one full size, one half) to be able to have the perfect look and feel for myself with this shirt. I really wish I didn't feel like I need to flatten my chest to the point where you could barely consider it one at all (god if only I could), but you do what you have to I guess. Anyway, I was a little apprehensive about the Chocolate Brown color shirt, but seriously, don't be, it's a beautiful brown color that I would not give back if I had the chance to get a black one (nope, I'll just buy more)

Thank you for the shirts and I can't wait to see and buy more from you!

So comfortable!

I've been wanting a simple black long sleeve shirt for a while so I decided to go for it and I love it so much I almost don't want to take if off ever. It's soft and comfortable and I like how it falls on my body, the sleeves are the perfect length (I'm 5'5" and ordered an M). I also experienced great customer service. After I accidentally ordered the wrong size, they were able to change my order with no problem, and I got the size I wanted. Looking forward to ordering another shirt in the future.

Rufus Frost

Really pleased with the shirt - it's the only one I can comfortably wear out without binding :-) Will be ordering another one, thanks!

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