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by Both& Apparel LLC

The Khazeel

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Are you ready for shirts that eliminate dysphoria? Wear our clothes with confidence.

Our award-winning designs are perfected to fit AFAB, masc presenting bodies. 

  • Thoughtful and Innovative Design - We've addressed the major pain points on cisgendered garments (chest, hips, length) to achieve the optimal fit for our community.
  • Premium Fabric - Made with high quality, heavy weight, buttery-soft cotton that's ethically and sustainably produced. 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - Yes, you read that right. And we have record-low return rates. That's how confident we are that you'll love it. 
  • Your New Favorite Shirt - A new level of comfort on and in your own skin. 

Figure out your size here.  Free domestic shipping on orders over $100. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Hannah Fisher
Holy Sh*t!!

I am a gender-nonconforming person, I never had a shirt that fits me so well without looking so.. feminine if that makes sense? This hides my hips that other shirts usually do not mask very well. I bought another and can't wait to get it! Only issue I had was that the overall length was too short, I am not sure if it's because I am tall or if it's designed that way. I still love it anyways :)

Lives up to it's promises

I really like this shirt. After the first one arrived in the mail I immediately ordered 3 more. I have a relatively large chest but feel comfortable wearing this without a sports bra (thank goodness because my skin gets very irritated by bras). It does give me a more gender neutral shape that feels good. I also like that the ends od the sleeves easily fold and stay folded.

The T-Shirt of my dreams !

Since my transition and my torsoplasty, I have a lot of joy in dressing without having to hide shapes that bothered me before my surgery. The only problem is that most men's T-Shirts, Sweatshirts or shirts I find are too long or too wide or too....!
The only T-Shirts I found that were close to my size didn't fit at all, because they were made of a too thin cotton and it was a horror to iron them, because they were deforming in all directions.
And then... the Khazeel arrived: THE T-Shirt of my dreams!
Super cotton, ideal texture that gives it a good hold and especially its cut, which fits perfectly to my body!
As soon as I touched it, I felt how strong and durable it is and when I wear it, I feel invincible!
I ordered 3 of them and I can't wait to order more, in all colors, as soon as the stock is refilled!
I am so grateful for the founders of Both&Apparel, for having the inspiration to create clothes that fit us and make us feel proud and happy with our bodies!

Jamie K. Brown
Stoked to buy more!

I’m 5’8 (ish) and about 150 pounds, post top surgery. I’ve grown quite a bit on ‘T’ and after taking the size guide quiz, thought it best to order an XXL as I wanted it to be a bit baggy. While it turned out being much too big, I can still see that it fits my body in a much more affirming way that traditional clothing. I’m more than happy with the too big size and will put it through the dryer (not recommended by Both& of course) just to shrink it down a bit.

I will definitely be ordering at least one of every item. This is a trusted, time-tested queer owned business that is truly making a difference in the community. I feel my best in my new Both& shirt. PLEASE BRING BACK THE TYLA, ITS BEEN ON MY WISHLIST FOR LIKE 2 YEARS NOW!!! (I submitted to buy some on preorder 🙇🏽)

- From a fan

This is the shirt I have always wanted

Being an AFAB non-binary (they/she) individual with terrible chest dysphoria, this shirt literally is EVERYTHING i have had envisioned myself in. Being AFAB it was SO challenging and dysphoric to shop in the “mens” section and having nothing properly fit my torso, mostly all “mens” shirts are awkwardly long on me to the point I tuck a tiny bit in the side of my pants to make it look better/be less dysphoric. But let me tell you: THIS shirt. I had searched for so long on the internet and social media for t shirts that are 1. thick material 2. hold their shape 3. fit my torso and aren’t awkwardly long (i’m 5 6” 175, depending on the vibe i want i’m a mens M for a tighter fit or a L for more roomy fit) 4. not make my chest dysphoria terrible

this is the shirt. i ordered one and literally two days after receiving it and trying it on i ordered two more, now having three different colors. I did make the mistake of drying the first one on low heat, which shortened both the sleeve length and torso length but honestly it’s still great.

tbh this shirt legit has changed how i feel about myself and i feel like the person i am when i’m in it! Thank you both& ❤️

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