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Nonbinary black person laying on a blanket and pillow outdoors in the sun

Mar 15, 2024

A Queer Summer

Ella Dame

Queerness and queer identity greatly intersects with the summertime. While some may view this intersection as difficult since finding both comfortable and affirming clothes can be challenging, we view it as an exciting season to explore queer-designed fashion that will keep you cool and affirmed! Whether you choose to spend your summer traveling, making affirming new outfits, consuming queer media, or healing your inner child, we’re here to celebrate you and give you some suggestions to liven your summer up!


What To Wear

Transmasc person smiling and wearing lilac romeo swim tank, outside by a lake

Warm weather can be daunting for transmasc, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and masc presenting individuals. The standard fit and sizing created for masculine clothes uses the ‘average’ cisgender man’s body as the shape to design around, and that can leave many community members at a loss when it comes to dressing for the summertime: men's tank tops are often too long and narrow, and have huge arm holes, which is a challenge if you are binding.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and affirmed by the clothes they wear, no matter the season. Both&’s summer designs can bring gender joy through boxy silhouettes, high quality material, and comfortable affirming fits. The #1 summer best seller, the Romeo, is a muscle tank designed for folks who are binding and are tired of tank tops with gaping arm and neck holes that reveal the binder.

If shopping is your thing but putting together actual summer outfits isn’t, don’t fret! Utilizing community resources like the fit station channel in the Both& Discord can be helpful in seeing what fellow queer folks are styling together!

Lilac Elliot Swim Trunks on trans masc model

We also have some outfit suggestions of our own! You can truly pair any of our t-shirts and tops with neutral bottoms or even our Elliot swim trunks for a masc beachy summer look. You can also use our denim Ki shorts to build a summer outfit. The shorts are available in classic light wash blue denim and black denim. They are a perfect summer staple to stay cool, comfortable, and flatter with a masc fit on AFAB bodies.


Summer Activities

Summer brings warm weather, new outfit options, and a vast variety of activities you can do. The warm weather often brings people together to enjoy time off from school, warm weekends, and the people and places that bring you joy!


But I'm A Cheerleader movie, Natasha Lyonne
Image credit: Pinterval


  1. Watch queer movies inside or outside! Watching queer movies, especially independent ones, help support queer productions and ensure that more queer media can be made. Throughout history queer media has been an outlet of expression and has given platform to the voices of those who may not otherwise be heard. Some queer movies can be a fun watch with your queer friends to create deeper connections. But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) is a camp, queer, colorful, and high energy film starring Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall attending a bootcamp run by Rupaul to alter their sexuality. Watching the 90s film with friends can create queer solidarity and provide many laughs. If you’re looking for a more serious watch, we recommend checking out Paris is Burning (1990). The LGBTQ+ documentary focuses on queer balls and the culture within New York City house culture. Exploring serious topics, especially historical ones, with those close to you can inspire you to be more involved, and create an appreciation for the work that’s been done in the queer community over time.

    Three friends smile in their Both& trans masc affirming swimwear as they walk in the water on the beach
  2. Go to the beach! This may seem like a simple suggestion but the beach offers plenty of fun activities to fill your summer days with. From building towering sand castles, swimming in wavy water, or chatting on a picnic blanket with your loved ones, a beach day can provide ultimate summer relaxation. Not only are there many activities to enjoy but beach days are a very common activity in many people's childhoods so experiencing them as one s true authentic self can be very healing. Getting to wear swimwear that brings gender euphoria and be with members of the queer community is a simple but impactful celebration of you being yourself! If you don’t live near the beach, pools are great too!

    Trans Couple enjoys a picnic outside at a park and smile at each other
    Image credit: VICE
  3. Create art outside! Picnicking with your friends and creating art is a great way to support queer businesses and create your own physical pieces of self expression. To support local queer businesses, you can visit queer stores, cafes, or restaurants to get snacks for your picnic! Once you set up and are done enjoying your snacks, you can pull out art supplies and create outside. Enjoying warm weather and surrounding greenery can be very inspiring. Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and create a representation of your identity that is authentic to you!


How Will You Celebrate Your Queerness This Summer?

"Your Queer Summer", Transmasc model standing shirtless out in nature As the warm summer months approach, we would love to hear how you plan on spending your summer and embracing your queerness! We encourage you to visit our Discord and share anything and everything summer related from your outfit ideas in our dressing room channel to your queer book reccs in our book club channel!


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