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Whether you are binding, have had top surgery, are on testosterone, or simply want a more masculine silhouette, we’ve got a style for you.

  • Finnegan Finnegan



    Bestselling transmasc staple tee

  • Romeo



    Hide your binder, show your arms

  • Khazeel Khazeel



    Bestseller for binding

  • Jo Jo



    Jeans with less length and more room at hips

  • Light blue transmasc denim shorts Transmasc model wearing white Romeo tank and black denim Ki shorts



    Denim shorts

  • Romeo Swim Romeo Swim

    Romeo Swim


    Stylish, versatile, and intentional coverage

  • Elliot Elliot



    The ultimate transmasc swim trunk

  • Bella Ramsey in charcoal grey beanie and special edition white Khazeel with red Both& logo embroidery Detail shot of special edition white Khazeel with red Both& logo embroidery
  • Franklin Franklin



    Long sleeve that emphasizes shoulders

  • Marlo Gen II Marlo Gen II

    Marlo Gen II


    Create a straight shape at your curviest area

  • Tyla Tyla



    Vintage style ringer tee

  • Ezra Ezra



    Limited edition drop denim cargo

  • Franklin

    Long Sleeve


    • Pronouns: He/They
    • Fit: Not Binding
    • Height: 5'3"
    • Shirt Size: L/1X
    • Pants Size: 36x28
    My both& fit >
  • Marlo Gen II

    straight pants


    • Pronouns: Any
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5'2"
    • Shirt Size: 2x/3x
    • Pants Size: 42x28
    My both& fit >
  • Romeo



    • Pronouns: They/them
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Shirt Size: S
    • Pants Size: 32x28
    My both& fit >
  • Jude

    Muscle Tee


    • Pronouns: He/Him
    • Fit: Post-Top Surgery
    • Height: 5′4″
    • Shirt Size: S/M
    • Pants Size: 30x28
    My both& fit >
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  • Francis Francis



    An elegant, soft button down in a boxy shape

  • Luke Luke



    Euphoric crew neck for square torso shape

  • Model with royal blue hoody Elmo



    Masc hoody for AFAB bodies

  • Jeremiah Jeremiah



    Straight leg luxe loungewear

  • Model in forest green tracksuit 5'10" model wearing sports bra, in 3X royal blue hoody and 3X sweatpants

    Both& tracksuit

    $140 $165

  • Model in light orange arthur crop top 5'7" model post-top surgery, in L black arthur crop top and jeans


    $29 $44

    Boxy crop top

  • Sea Sea



    Limited edition collab denim jacket

  • Jude Jude



    The post-top-surgery muscle tee

  • Queer by Design Tee Queer by Design Tee

    Queer by Design Tee


    Community artist collab on Finnegan tee

  • Model in charcoal beanie and forest green hoody Model with bubblegum pink beanie and light blue denim jacket



    Fishermen beanie collectors item

  • Person holding up a red Queer by Design bandana, with original artwork reinterpreting The Creation of Adam Smiling model with red bandana around their neck and black shirt



    Queer by Design bandana

  • Emmett



    lightweight swim friendly packer

  • Three pair bundle of vintage stripe calf socks in light grey, a pair with grey stripes, a pair with maroon stripes, a pair with neon orange stripes
  • Elmo Youth Elmo Youth

    Elmo Youth


    A comfy hoody for AFAb folks

  • Finnegan Youth Finnegan Youth

    Finnegan Youth


    Starter tee great for all stages of transition

  • Jo Youth Jo Youth

    Jo Youth


    Comfortable fit for a masc look without the bunching

  • Franklin Youth Franklin Youth

    Franklin Youth


  • Youth kit Youth kit

    Youth kit

    $196 $231

    Euphoric base kit

  • Look I Look I

    Look I

    $120 $141

    Jude muscle tee and Ezra cargo look

  • Look II Look II

    Look II

    $160 $187

    Ezra cargos + hoody

  • Look III Look III

    Look III

    $160 $188

    Comfy utility pants meet our crew neck sweater

  • Look IV Look IV

    Look IV

    $165 $193

    Perfect tee plus perfect jacket

  • Look V Look V

    Look V

    $158 $187

    A comfy duet

  • Look VI Look VI

    Look VI

    $82 $98

    Pair a teeny weeny beanie with a bowling style button up

  • Look VII Look VII

    Look VII

    $210 $248

    Utility pants paired with denim jacket

  • Look VIII Look VIII

    Look VIII

    $175 $208

    The perfect everyday outfit

  • Jude two pack Jude two pack

    Jude two pack

    $69 $84

    Bundle and save

  • Marlo pants and Jude tee shirt bundle 5'8" model, post-top surgery, in white S jude shirt

    Basics II

    $120 $141

    Everyday pants + a post top surgery muscle tee

  • Jo denim pants and khazeel shirt bundle Black transmasc denim pants

    Basics I

    $126 $148

    Cover your bases with jeans and a binding friendly tee

  • Deluxe bundle with tee, sweater, and denim jacket 5'10" model wearing sports bra, in 3X black denim jacket over white shirt

    Both& Deluxe

    $331 $440

    Want to commit? This is your deluxe everything kit.

  • Romeo Three pack Romeo Three pack

Fit & Sizing

We’ve created a new fit and sizing system that works for you. Please take a few moments to learn about it and find your perfect Both& size.

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  • I am both sensitive & resilient. I am both rooted & transient. I am both whole & fragmented.