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Fit & Sizing

See the difference

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  • Finn is 5'4"
    Wearing size 32 pants
    & size medium shirt

  • Neebin is 5'7"
    Wearing size 36 pants
    & size 3X shirt

  • Aarika (small person) is 5'1"
    Wearing size 29 pants
    & size XS shirt

  • Jo is 5'6"
    Wearing size 31 pants
    & size medium shirt

How we designed our fit system

Both& garments use a totally new fit pattern that we’ve developed through thousands of data points from AFAB, masc presenting community members.
  • Classic vs Boxy vs Slim Fit vs Classic vs Boxy

  • Classic Fit

    These styles are made to fit snugly around the shoulders and arms, emphasizing muscle, while leaving room at the hips, and not being too long. We think of them as semi-fitted: basically, fitted where you want them to be fitted, roomy where you want them to be roomy.

  • Boxy Look

    These designs are made to intentionally be a boxier fit. The Khazeel and Elmo have drop shoulders, and all of the designs are made to be wider throughout the torso, and shorter in length.

  • Slim Fit

    Designed for folks who are post top surgery, the shirt fits snug around the chest, shoulders, and arms, with just enough room to fit well around the hips and not bunch.

Faces of both&
  • Franklin

    Long Sleeve


    • Pronouns: He/They
    • Fit: Not Binding
    • Height: 5'3"
    • Shirt Size: L/1X
    • Pants Size: 36x28
    My both& fit >
  • Marlo Gen II

    straight pants


    • Pronouns: Any
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5'2"
    • Shirt Size: 2x/3x
    • Pants Size: 42x28
    My both& fit >
  • Romeo



    • Pronouns: They/them
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Shirt Size: S
    • Pants Size: 32x28
    My both& fit >
  • Jude

    Muscle Tee


    • Pronouns: He/Him
    • Fit: Post-Top Surgery
    • Height: 5′4″
    • Shirt Size: S/M
    • Pants Size: 30x28
    My both& fit >
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