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Our Worldview

Our Worldview

Gender joy : the state of feeling comfort and joy in your gender identity and presentation.

Our Worldview

In a world that
is often divided
by binaries,
we don’t believe
in either/or.

The meaning behind both&

We are both specific & expansive.
We are both freeing & complex.
We are both fixed & fluid.
We are both unique & inclusive.
We are both deep & evolving.
We are both tender & strong.
We are both structured & nuanced.
We are both local & global.
We are both honest & complicated.
We are both grounded & dynamic.
We are both who we are today & who I will become tomorrow.
We are both individual & a product of our community.

We are

How we designed our fit system

Both& garments use a totally new fit pattern that we’ve developed through thousands of data points from AFAB, masc presenting community members.

Press highlights

Weve been featured and awarded by over fifty global publications. Heres a small sampling of what they have to say.

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