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(115 Reviews)

Once a year, we run our pay what you can, pay it forward campaign, which enables you to choose your price on a sliding scale. The minimum price is the lowest price we can sell our garments at without losing money. You can then choose to buy it at our regular retail price, or you can pay it forward by paying above that. All proceeds go into our program that gets free product to folks around the holiday. Last year we were able to donate 864 garments. We trust you to choose the price that's right for you!

Current Color: White

Available Color options

Current Size: XS

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Where it all began. Finnegan is the first tee we ever made, and it continues to be our best seller. Equally great for folks who are binding/wearing sports bras and for folks who have had top surgery, this clean, basic tee is guaranteed gender euphoria.

Don’t know your Both& size? Figure it out by answering a few simple questions in our chatbox. Click ‘What’s my Both& size?’ in the chatbox to get started.

All of Both&’s designs are made with our unique, proprietary fit system. This system has been created by working with thousands of nonbinary and transmasc community members to create the perfect proportions for a masc fit on AFAB bodies.

Learn about the specific design elements for this garment through the fit guide.

Our clothing is made with 100% high quality cotton, produced ethically and sustainably, and is built to last. Join tens of thousands of happy customers today and find out for yourself why Both&’s fit is bringing gender joy to folks all over the world. 

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Product Reviews

(115 Reviews)

Product Reviews

(115 Reviews)

Fit details - Finnegan

  1. raised collar covers binder lines
  2. a-frame shape slightly wider at hips than shoulders
  3. side slits and longer back for extra movement around hips
  4. narrowed shoulder width fits snuggly around chest and shoulders
  5. slimmed sleeve for a minimal profile
  6. reduced body length alleviates bunching at hips

Community testimonials

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews

I got this shirt free as part of the Both&Bella collaboration. I’m not non-binary but I wanted to support the brand as I love Bella. This shirt is extremely comfortable and very thick definitely will buy from again!!

Not inclusive sizing

I'm really disappointed with the fit of this shirt and most both& garments. I've had top surgery, am not on T, and am a larger-bodied person. I was excited by the possibility of clothing that would minimize dysphoria, which I experience regularly with my clothing. This shirt fit me so awkwardly-- to get a size that fit my midsection, I had to size up so much that the neck and arms of this shirt (and chest) were no different from a cis men's shirt.

Like the other 1 star reviewer said... not inclusive sizing.

I'm glad all the skinny transmasc guys all think it makes their arm muscles look great, though. 🙄

Hey there! So sorry to hear this wasn't the right fit for you. We are doing our best to create as many different fit variations as we can, since no one fit will ever work for all bodies. We'd love to hear some more feedback from you about how you would want the fit altered to be the right pattern for you. Please email us if you'd like to share any more feedback :)

Great fit, nice fabric

I'm 5'5" 140ish, got both a medium (green) & a large (black) - both fit awesome, especially through the chest & shoulders relative to other tshirts, & the green is a really nice shade. The fabric is very sturdy & soft with good drape, although it does wrinkle a bit more easily than standard tshirt fabric.

First white t shirt that fits me :)

hi! i’m miles (he/him), i’m around 160 lbs, 5’8, and i’ve gotten top surgery. i got a white finnegan tee in size M. i’m going to give this shirt a perfect review. i always feel like i’m looking for clothes that fit me right and clothes shopping in the men’s section is always fraught with difficulty. before i found both&, my go-to basic tee’s are h&m men’s basic tee in M, and LL Bean mens tee in M. those had problems for me though and i was sick of the clingy fabric and a fit that revealed the feminine fat distribution on the sides of my stomach. i am not thin, and the fat that would distribute to the front of a cis man’s stomach goes to the sides of my stomach, and the both& tee straightens that out nicely and the fabric doesn’t cling. i’ve seen on other reviews that the shirts shrink a bit in the wash, which i don’t think i’ll mind because i think i’d enjoy this shirt being more snug. but i might hang dry it to be safe. i’ll definitely be buying more of these shirts, the gender euphoria of wearing a white tee post op top surgery that ACTUALLY fits me right is just amazing. i was apprehensive about the price but now i’m not, i do think it’s worth it. i hope both& makes the finnegan in that dark blue color that i’ve seen on their other clothes. super excited about this brand❤️

Hey thanks so much for the lovely review and noted on the blue color! The pics are great, looks like a great fit for you :)

New Proportions on Newest Finnegan Drop?

I just ordered a finnegan in the new forest green color. I bought it in 1X/XL. I have gray and black versions of the finnegan in the same size. The color is gorgeous and the material seems a little softer. Out of the package, the length of the body and sleeves seemed longer than my other shirts. I washed it in cold water, gentle cycle and hung to dry (same as my other shirts). This shirt seemed to shrink slightly in all dimensions (same as my other shirts). With the newest shirt, I can raise my arms over my head without flashing my stomach (a problem with my other shirts). The neck also seems tighter but stetches out with wear. I'll definitely be buying more if new colors drop.

Yay! Glad to hear the new proportions work well for you. We got so many requests to add just a bit more length for exactly that issue of stomach showing when arms raise--thanks for sharing your experience with us :)