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  • Collage of black transmasc person with glasses

    What is transmasc?

    Do you relate to any of the following experiences? You have a male best friend or a brother that you...

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  • gender neutral clothing

    Discover the World of Gender Neutral Clothing: How Does It Work?

    Understanding Gender Neutral Clothing: A Style For Every Individual In the last decade, the fashion industry has undergone some major...

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  • "gender dysphoria" text over image of person with their head in a blur

    What is gender dysphoria?

    There’s a lot of information on the internet about gender dysphoria. The medical definition of gender dysphoria is “a marked...

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  • "The Gift of Gender Joy" text with nonbinary person smiling

    How to gift apparel to the non binary person in your life

    So, you know and love someone who is non binary. Maybe it’s a friend, or a child, or a partner....

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  • Collage of trans person in swim trunks floating in water and the text "Trans & Swimming"

    Swimwear for transmasc men and transmasc swimwear

    One of the most charged spaces for transmasc people is swimming. Whether it’s at the beach or the pool, swimming...

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  • Transmasc person in Both& Sea jean jacket

    Personal Style and Expression in FTM Clothes: Mixing Masculine and Feminine Elements

    Personal Style and Expression in FTM Clothes In 2023, the conversation around gender identity and presentation has radically opened up,...

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  • "Genderless Clothing", Neon yellowgreen shirt against a sports court background

    Crafting Your Unique Style:
    A Guide to Genderless Clothing and Neutral Outfits

    If you were to time travel back to any time before the 20th century, you would quickly see a very...

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  • Androgynous clothing model
    AFAB clothing

    The best androgynous clothing for non binary and trans men

    How do you decide what looks androgynous? For instance, of the three images below, which strikes you as the most...

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  • Collage of transmasc person
    Expert advice

    Demystifying Non-binary clothing brands: Your Top Questions Answered

    Over the last decade, dozens of nonbinary clothing brands have popped up. What makes these brands nonbinary, what customers are...

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  • FTM Fashion
    AFAB clothing

    FTM and AFAB Fashion For You–Find Your Perfect Fit

    If you are AFAB and masc presenting, you’re in luck. It’s never been easier to access clothing that is tailored...

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  • Transmasc person experiencing gender joy

    What is Gender Euphoria and Gender Joy?

    If you’re exploring a gender queer identity (nonbinary, gender non conforming, trans, and many others), then you have likely come...

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  • transmasc hero image

    What is transmasc and transmasculine fashion?

    Have you always felt more comfortable in boys clothing? Felt a ripple of joy when your friend picked you to...

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