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  • Dating as a trans man

    Dating as a Trans Man

  • Older queer person in brown shirt sitting in chair against cloth backdrop

    The History of the Word Queer

  • Being a Better Ally

    Being a Better Ally

  • Trans Masc

    Why I Identify as Transmasc

  • Collage: cropped eyes against a transmasc person sitting and leaning against a record player at golden hour

    What Does it Mean to
    Identify as Transmasculine?

  • Coming out

    Coming Out

  • Finnegan Shepard, trans man and founder of Both& Apparel

    Coming Out as Trans

  • Masc Clothing

    Masc Clothing: a Guide

  • Queer Date Night

    Queer Date Night with Both&

  • Collage of transmasc model in black pants

    Pants for trans men: a guide

  • What Does ‘Androgyny’ Really Mean?

    What Does ‘Androgyny’ Really Mean?

  • Gender Neutral Swimwear: An Interview

    Gender Neutral Swimwear: My Experience with Swimming as a Nonbinary Person

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