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Queer Date Night

Feb 21, 2024

Queer Date Night with Both&

Ella Dame

Deciding what to do for date night can be difficult. Finding an activity that is fun for you and your partner, deciding where to go, what to wear, and when to do it are all factors that go into creating the perfect date night. While this task can be challenging, it can also be a new opportunity to try new things and enjoy quality time with your partner. Both& is here to help guide you through your next queer date night!


What To Do:

Picking an activity for date night doesn’t have to be overly complicated every time. Sometimes simplicity can compliment the kindness of a gesture and finding new ways to spend time with your partner can be the most thoughtful of gestures. Being in a queer relationship doesn’t have to define date night but, celebrating the queerness within the relationship can be an affirming part of date night sometimes! Below is a list of some of our favorite queer date night ideas:

  1. Trying a new restaurant! Going out to eat is one of the most tried and true date night ideas, and for a reason. Eating with your partner can give you a set aside time to just enjoy each other's company and talk. Ways to spice up this classic date night activity is trying new foods and places, especially when you can support queer owned businesses. Supporting the community through date night is a great way to celebrate your belonging and queerness. Exploring your local community can help create further connections that celebrate the interconnectedness of the LGBTQ+ experience. If you need some jumping off points for queer restaurants to try, we suggest checking out Tasting Table’s list of LGBTQ+-owned restaurants in the USA.
    White restaurant called “Nellies” decorated with American flags and rainbow pride flags
    Image credit: Ted Eytan
  2. Visit a queer space! Supporting queer owned and curated spaces is vital to keeping these spaces alive and a variety of identities empowered. Visiting a queer space can be as versatile as being queer. These spaces can be bars, book stores, cafes, or any other business socially dedicated to the queer community. While visiting these spaces as a date with your partner isn’t necessary every outing, it can be validating. Being around other members of the LGBTQ+ community is a great way to become a part of the chosen family the social sphere offers.
    Group of friends of varying gender identities laughing and smiling while enjoying drinks at a table.
    Image credit: VICE
  3. Consider volunteer and community opportunities! Volunteering with your partner can be extremely fulfilling and help solidify the queer community as a pillar of your local areas. Groups like Gay for Good and Everywhere is Queer provide unique volunteer opportunities designed to assist different members of the LGBTQ+ community that are in need.
    Three volunteers sitting in front of a pride flag that says G4G, at a donation table for Gay For Good.
    Image credit: GayForGood Instagram


What To Wear:

Choosing outfit can be stressful and sometimes difficult but, Both& apparel is designed to make dressing for such occasions as date night empowering and enjoyable. Choosing clothing that makes you feel confident is the best way to enjoy yourself and apply yourself fully to whatever social situation you may be in. Having a positive mindset is a key factor in having a positive clothing and self-image experience before going out so, below are a few of our essential reminders before dressing your best!
Trans model in brown tee and black Marlo pants


  1. Comfortability in fit. Too often clothing designs are made without the actual consumer in mind. A standard model does not have the same shape, intention, or identity necessarily as every consumer and utilizing this model as the norm creates many uncomfortable situations. Both& apparel is made with specific trans masculine and gender non conforming folks in mind.. If you are looking for a top that affirms a femme look whilst maintaining a more boxy shape uniform with traditionally masculine tops, the Arhur would be a top fitting your definition of comfort. Everyone's definition of comfort and what gives them confidence is subjective so, getting to know yourself and identifying what aspects of clothing gives you joy can make assembling an outfit exciting and refreshing!

  2. Consider the occasion. Knowing where you are going is key to picking an outfit that will let you enjoy the activity you are partaking in as well as appropriately adhere to the environment. For example, if you are trying a fancier restaurant you may want to look more at gender affirming pants like the Marlo’s rather than more casual Ki denim shorts.

  3. Align your passions. When wearing clothes from a brand or even just buying an item, you are supporting that brand and company. Ensuring that the clothing you are wearing is representative of the belief systems you hold is quite important especially when interacting in spaces that are influential. Wearing clothing from a trans-owned brand that is centered around gender joy and limitless expression of self like Both&, is empowering not only to the wear (you) but to the people around you that it influences. Spreading awareness about brands for the queer community is as important as actually going to in-person queer businesses as your date location!

  4. Find your pride! Discovering what creates a sense of pride and authenticity within yourself and your own identity is an ongoing process. In large, clothing is a reflection of self and wearing clothes that are able to accurately demonstrate that can embolden your identity. Dates and date nights with your partner are times meant to be spent enjoying each other's company and the appreciation you have for each other's true selves, your clothing should mirror that experience. Getting dressed for a date is a vital step of preparation and getting in the mental space to appreciate every aspect of the date begins there!


Authentically Show Off Your Date Night!

While there is no exact formula for a perfect date, there are factors that can create a more enjoyable one. We hope that you can enjoy an experience that is fulfilling to your identity and that of your partners whilst utilizing our tips! We would love to see how you style Both& apparel on your next date night and encourage you to show off to the rest of the Both& community! You can do so within the dressing room channel of our Discord!