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Topless trans person pulling green Romeo swim tank over their head

Mar 15, 2024

Swim In Style

Ella Dame

Queer Identity And Swimwear

Like many items of clothing, swimwear can provide members of the queer community with affirmation as it is a representation of our identity and self expression. Queerness is about being outside the binary, outside of what may be considered as common or mainstream, and being an unconfined authentic version of oneself. Swimwear is often designed off of the binary which can create uncomfortable and dysphoric designs but, finding queer designed swimwear can change the entire swimwear experience.


What Makes Swimwear Queer?

Transmasc person in lilac Romeo swimtank and Elliot swimtrunks, standing outdoors

Queerness is something that remains somewhat undefinable, free form, and diverse. Queer swimwear follows suit as it is as unique as the people it is designed for. To know what isn’t may come after realizing what is standard swimwear. A main point of contention in queer swimwear is the design of swim trunks. While the design may seem straightforward, there are a lot of mechanics and structuring that can impact the fit, comfort level, and appearance of the suit.

Many swim trunks are traditionally made with very thin polyester that can cling to the wearer's figure, therefore creating a more curvy silhouette, which does not inspire confidence or authenticity for masc presenting folks. While some queer community members may turn to swim trunks designed for cis-woman in hopes that the figure is less defined, the result is usually disappointing.

Traditional women’s swim trunks are often designed with a shorter cut, tighter widths, and high waists. This can create a look that is not masc centered or desirable for many queer identifying individuals. While these options are mainstream, sold at big retailers for lower prices, they are not the only options.

When swimwear is designed with not only the identity of the wearer but the problems often faced by the wearer in mind, shopping for swimwear can be an exciting process defined only by your taste in aesthetics without having to worry about the mechanics of the swimsuit actually working!


Let’s Explore Your Queer Swim Trunk Options!

The little structural differences between a pair of swim trunks from Both& Apparel and plain swim trunks sold to cisgender consumers end up making a huge difference.

Shirtless individual with baggy black swim trunks on
Image credit: PxHere

Consider these plain black swim trunks. They look like swim trunks that could be found at any large retailer near you. The material is clingy, rather inexpensive looking, and does not purposefully create a silhouette for the wearer. They are also likely to be too tight around the hips, bum, and thighs. It also offers little to no movement for the average summer explorations!

Green Elliot Swim Trunks

Now take a look at our Elliot swim trunks. They have been carefully designed with every obstacle masc presenting folks face when finding the perfect pair of swim trunks. The shape is boxy, the material is light weight and elastic, the waistband is just tight enough but not too tight, and can be adjusted with the waistband string, and it features a built-in packing pouch with a fully optional foam packer.

Not only are the Elliot swim trunks a stylish piece of clothing that will allow you to demonstrate an aesthetic aligning with your own personal style but the nuances of masc identity that can be found within the entire design make them the perfect vehicle for a euphoric swimwear experience.


Where Will Your Swimwear Take You?

Trans Masc individual standing in front of water with their hands covering their face from the sun while they wear the lilac Both& Romeo Swim Tank

There are many places you can wear your swimwear, and experience gender euphoria! We would love to hear how gender affirming swimwear has impacted you and made your summertime better. Share with us and the rest of the Both& community in our Discord!