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Welcome to the dream transmasc long sleeve shirt. 

Raglan style seam to make shoulders look bigger ✔️

Adjusted proportions to fit AFAB, masc-presenting bodies ✔️

Medium weight, 100% premium cotton for a sensory-friendly fit ✔️

Classic, retro style ✔️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Most affirming

Never worn a shirt as affirming as this one.

I love this shirt so much!!

When I found out about Both& I was so excited to try their clothes, and this shirt was beyond my expectations. I’m newly out as transmasc (no HRT or top surgery yet) and have a fairly large chest (not sure exact size but at least DD). I’ve spent years living in sweatshirts and baggy layers, and I always thought I would have to until top surgery. My binder helps a bit, but in normal shirts it just looks like I have a smaller chest and am wearing a sports bra and I would never leave the house without at least a sweatshirt to cover up. When I tried on this shirt, it instantly changed my mind. I felt the most confident in how I looked in years and excited to wear clothes in a way I only imagined feeling after surgery. I got a size larger than my usual size in men’s shirts, and although it doesn’t hide my chest completely (which I think would be impossible), this shirt is leaps and bounds ahead of what I thought was possible for me right now. Also sorry for such a long review!!!
Thank you Both& for making me so happy:)


Really comfortable fabric - sturdy but soft. Love the cut

Good quality - a tad short

Love this shirt but wish it was slightly longer in the torso. I’m just under 5’ 4” and I ordered a medium. It fits perfectly and quality is great but shows some skin when I lift my arms to be horizontal (parallel to ground). I wish it was 1-1.5 inches longer in the torso

Coming back for more

I ordered this shirt originally in 2021 (its now 2023), and I came back to the website to order a different color which is a testament to the shirt. I am 5 ft 1 with a muscular build and I got a medium in this shirt but I think I am going to size up to a large when I re-order. If you are muscular its worth noting that the arm holes feel narrower than in "mens" clothing which is likely on purpose to be gender affirming. The shirt is not too long for me which is a miracle at my height - but could be concerning for people of average height. And it does hide my binder. Reading other reviews it doesn't seem to hide everyone's so I am hoping they haven't updated the cut, but it also could depend on the kind of binder you wear and the size of shirt you get relative to your body (fwiw I usually wear the racerback gc2b binders). I have a few styles of both& shirts and the only downside is that they do wrinkle pretty easily. I do feel that both& shirts help make my body shape look just a bit more masculine than it does in a normal shirt.


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