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Gender neutral afab person with red orange hair, sitting on floor, surrounded by plants

May 3, 2024

Spring Into Gender Neutral Springtime

Ella Dame

Springtime brings a collection of exciting things: warmer weather, blooming flowers, the anticipation of summer approaching, and, best of all, springtime fashion. Getting dressed for your favorite springtime activities whilst sticking to your authentic gender neutral style could seem like a challenge due to the oftentimes limiting options presented by sample styles and sizing but we are here to guide you through Both& spring fashion with clothes made to fit and uplift you!


Transitioning Into Spring

Springtime looks a little bit different depending on where in the world you live but generally spring is trademarked by the blooms of spring flowers and the general excitement shared by many people to get outside and enjoy warmer weather! In turn, new activities and places to go equate to new outfits and things to wear. If you’re wondering what springtime activities can look like, we’ve compiled a brief list of our favorite ways to celebrate spring:

Two nonbinary folks sitting on a picnic table outdoors at a park


  1. Get your garden growing! No matter where you are or what your living situation is, growing your own garden is possible. If you have your own outdoor space like a backyard or a front yard, taking advantage of prime planting time can be both relaxing and rewarding. If you live in a city, having a balcony garden or even contributing to a local community garden can help you get your springtime planting fix satisfied. Springtime is the best time to plant delicious vegetables like kale, broccoli, onions, leeks, artichokes, lettuce, and many more.

  2. Visit a local park! Visiting a local park can help you feel more connected to the wildlife present in your community and is a great way to get out of the house without spending too much money. Springtime’s warmer weather invites activities like walks, flying kites, going on picnics, and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  3. Support your local farmers market! Farmer’s markets are not only a great place to support local businesses but, meet new members of your community. Oftentimes there are local vendors selling food, goods, and their products in an outdoor setting. Enjoying outdoor time, gathering with your local community, and talking to new people who make up the structure of your neighborhood is a great way to kick off your spring.

  4. Make it a date! Connecting with your partner through a springtime activity is a wonderful way to enjoy the season together. Even going to support a local or queer-owned restaurant and eating outside to appreciate the ambiance of spring can change up your routine. Taking the time to be outside more and notice the changing nature around you can help you decompress and take time for yourself.


Dress For The Occasion

Dressing for spring means dressing for both the weather and the new occasions that the season brings. Wearing clothes that are both comfortable and fitting for a variety of springtime activities is key. While this process may seem daunting at first, as transitioning from your winter style to spring style includes looking for some new clothes, it can be very fun and flexible in adhering to your gender neutral style. Building off basics is a great way to incorporate essentials you already have in your wardrobe to create outfits ready for any outing! Here are some of our Both& spring favorites:

Royal Blue Elmo transmasc nonbinary hoodie
  1. Elmo: One of my personal favorite essentials to have in my closet is the Elmo hoodie! You may be surprised to find a hoodie kicking off this list but it has proven to be perfect for any season. The hoodie allows for free movement with an elastic-free bottom rib and affirming silhouette with shorter arm and body length. Combining the cozy, stylish hoodie with a long pair of shorts keeps you dressed for springtime weather and comfortable enough to participate in any springtime fun!

    Black transmasc nonbinary tank top
  2. Romeo: A warm weather necessity, the Romeo tank gives you the perfect opportunity to hide your binder, and show off your arms. The tank gives a balanced look of structure and breathability with its medium weight fabric and A-frame shape that is slightly wider at the hips than shoulders. On a cooler day, a button-up and pants with the Romeo dresses you for a gender-neutral OOTD for your day outside. As spring begins to end and summer approaches, swap your pants for shorts and show off your arms and legs as you enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones!

    Yuri transmasc nonbinary grey acid wash denim cargo shorts
  3. Yuri: A highly anticipated item that is on the way, our new spring Yuri shorts are the perfect essentials for warm weather outfits. The cargo shorts provide gender neutral euphoria perfect for building outfits you can feel your best in! The shorts are missing no details from their deep front and cargo pockets, and a baggy cut that gives plenty of thigh room to keep you comfortable. Pairing these shorts with anything from a movement friendly hoodie or a neutral t-shirt will create a gender neutral statement! Order the Yuri before it’s gone here.