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Since Both&’s inception, we have been in a constant process of collaborating and partnering with community members, spaces, and brands. Our goal is to help build a brand that is as expansive, creative, and affirming as possible. 

This year, we have launched three key partnerships, all of which reflected the core values listed above. 


Queer by Design

In June of 2023, we launched our first artist collab with a member of the community, Arthur Macnair. Arthur designed an iconic print which we then used on a limited edition bandanna, as well as on our classic Finnegan tee.

Sea Denim Jacket

After six months of work, we launched a denim jacket collaboration with Daniel Sea, the actor and activist most well known for his role as Max on the original L word. We went live September first, bringing half a dozen other queer creators and magic makers along for a storytelling campaign about what the denim jacket symbolizes to them.


Last winter, Bella Ramsey was spotted by a fan account wearing Both& on their way to Jimmy Kimmel. Fast forward nine months, and we are neck deep in a multi-part gender joy focused campaign that will go live in early November and involve wild postings, a treasure hunt, and crowdsourcing thousands of stories from gender queer people around the world.

If you are a brand, creator, or magic maker who wants to scheme up a partnership, please reach out to our founder Finnegan at