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Khazeel Three Pack

$147 $125

As our heaviest weight boxy fit tee, this shirt creates a flat silhouette. We’ve even had folks report being able to wear this without binding and still have a flat fall! Made of 100% cotton.

Community members who purchase Khazeel tend to never want to take them off. Weve rolled out a three pack, so you don’t have to. 

Grab three for a steep discount and experience maximum gender joy! 

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Khazeel Three Pack
Product Reviews

Fit details - Khazeel

  1. Raised collar coves binder lines
  2. Drop shoulder creates wider shoulder visual
  3. Oversize sleeve can stay rolled, adds structure to arms
  4. Front embroidery keeps chest falling flat
  5. Wider fit through body conceals binding
  6. Side slits and longer back for extra movement around hips
  7. Reduced body length alleviates bunching at hips
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