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Not all bodies fit the binary. Not all clothing should either.

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I've tried mens pants but the measurements are never quite right, these pants are!! I love the silhouette and feel :)




Truly this shirt does the impossible, ie helps the gender dysphoria i feel from having very narrow shoulders, simply in its impeccable and thoughtful construction. beyond that, just when i thought it couldn't get any more perfect, the way it falls on my chest is unbelievably flattering, it just looks effortlessly butch. plus, i second other reviews that the fabric quality is excellent. (i'm 5'6"/p slim and got a medium).




Listen, I was skeptical. How life-changing can a t-shirt be? Turns out, very. I'm 5'4" with a DDD chest, I bind every day, and a large fits me perfectly. I want nothing but Both& in my closet from here on out.




Best tank top I’ve ever worn! Comfy, sexy and great fit 👌🏾✨




These t-shirt designs are really perfect for me, I present masculine and the small design details like longer in the back really make a difference. The high quality fabric and my small bust means I just need the t-shirt to flatten my chest enough for me to feel great.




I've always HATED sleeveless shirts but saw this and just had to give it a try! It was immediately the PERFECT shirt! It felt so masculine and there was no awful gaping or clinging around the arm holes!! Really the exact perfect size to show off your arms without uncomfortably showing off the rest of your torso.




As a transmasc person, I can't recommend both& enough! This shirt is both extremely comfortable and fits my body in a way that feels intuitive with gender identity in mind; something I have been seeking for a very long time. As an added bonus, I got lots of compliments on it- it really makes my chest and arms/shoulders stand out! For context, I'm post-op top surgery and have wide hips/love handles but this really squares me out. It's excellent!!

Voted 'best tee for trans men'

Our clothes use a proprietary fit and sizing system, the highest quality fabrics, and impeccable design to create masculine silhouettes. They are produced ethically and sustainably, and have won awards for their innovative design.

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Gender joy.

"A distinct enjoyment or satisfaction caused by the correspondence between the
person’s gender identity and gendered features associated with a gender other than
the one assigned at birth."

We believe in gender joy.

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We all deserve to have clothing that makes us feel seen, safe, and empowered. Making that a reality for everyone is our mission.

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