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Pay It Forward,
Pay What You Can

Instead of black Friday, we do a community-oriented annual drive. Shop all of our products at three different prices. We trust you to choose the price that's right for you.

Pay what you can is the lowest price we can sell our garments for. Suggested retail is our regular price. If you choose the pay it forward price, we use the extra money to get free product to folks who can't currently afford Both& and whose lives would benefit from it. Last year we were able to donate nearly 1,000 garments. Let's beat that this year!

The backs of two people leaning their heads against each other, wearing gray and purple Both& apparel shirts

Don’t try to fit into a world that wasn’t built with you in mind. Create your own world.

The world of both& >
  • I am both earth & fire. I am both traditional & avant garde. I am both prince & princess.

  • Franklin

    Long Sleeve


    • Pronouns: He/They
    • Fit: Not Binding
    • Height: 5'3"
    • Shirt Size: L/1X
    • Pants Size: 36x28
    My both& fit >
  • Marlo Gen II

    straight pants


    More details >


    • Pronouns: Any
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5′2″
    • Shirt Size: 2xl/3xl
    • Pants Size: 42x28
    My both& fit >
  • Romeo



    • Pronouns: They/them
    • Fit: Binding
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Shirt Size: S
    • Pants Size: 32x28
    My both& fit >
  • Jude

    Muscle Tee


    • Pronouns: He/Him
    • Fit: Post-Top Surgery
    • Height: 5′4″
    • Shirt Size: S/M
    • Pants Size: 30x28
    My both& fit >
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The Both& promise

  • Community

    We aren’t trying to sell you the same old cis clothing with different branding. We’ve spent three years and worked with thousands of community members to create the world’s first transmasc fit and sizing system, catered to the unique needs and desires of AFAB, masc of center people.

  • Quality

    We don’t believe in fast fashion. We believe that you should be able to wear and love your Both& garments for years to come, so we’ve built them to last with high quality fabrics.

  • Reciprocity

    We are always working with the community, from sharing GoFundMes to donating garments for charity auctions to running our year round Pay It Forward program, which gets free product to folks who can’t currently afford it.

Our community

Wherever you are on your gender journey, Both& is here for you. Meet thousands of other transmasc, nonbinary, and gender queer folks around the world who live and love in Both&.

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