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FTM Pants

Jan 17, 2024

FTM Pants

Finnegan Shepard

If you’re here, then I’m preaching to the choir. You know the feeling all too well: you try to buy jeans, and they are absurdly stiff, chafing around the upper thighs, barely fitting around your bum, and then squeezes your hips in a way that is about as dysphoric as it gets. You try to buy dress pants for work or to go to a friend’s wedding, and you genuinely do not understand how the inseams could possibly be as long as they are. Not only do they not stop at your ankles–they pass well over your feet. It feels clownish.

So what do you do, as someone who identifies as FTM (or transmasc, a trans guy, enby–really anyone who was assigned female at birth but wants to wear mens clothing and have it fit comfortably)? Side note--if you want to explore what it means to identify as transmasc, there's a great article here

Well, you do your best to find workarounds. You cuff your pants many times over, and decide that a baggy look is ‘you’ after all. You wear sweats. You wear joggers. You find brands that work sort of okay and you stick to them, for fear that trying anything else–even wanting something else, only to then be let down–isn’t worth the emotional or psychological cost. 

In other words, you suffer. It’s stupid, and it’s disheartening. And you know what? There’s no actual reason it has to be like this. Because here is the reality: the trick to clothing is proportions. Whether you are cis, trans, nonbinary, ftm–all that matters is that you find pants made in proportions that 1) fit you comfortably, and 2) create the shape or silhouette you want. 

On some level, you must sense that there is a better way, or you wouldn’t be on the computer, searching for things like “ftm pants”, “trans guy pants”, or “how to find pants that fit me as a short king.” You want a better way. You deserve a better way. 

And the good news is that there is one. Let’s talk about it.


FTM fit: what is it?

We won’t go into a long history of the fashion industry, because that would be a waste of your time, and that’s not why you are here in the first place. But to arm you with context so you can best find FTM pants that actually fit in future, here is what you need to know. 

For the last century, all clothing has been designed around the ‘average statistical proportions’ of cisgender bodies. What does that mean? It means that the fashion industry assumes that mens clothing should aim to fit people who are 5'9" and above, have long limbs, broad shoulders, no hips, and relatively small bums and thighs. 

Conversely, clothing made for people assigned female at birth assumes a height of between 5'3-5'8", narrow shoulders, wider hips, and bigger bums. It assumes these people want clothing that emphasizes their curves and is generally form fitting. 

So what if you are stuck between these two camps? In other words, you are somewhere between 5-3"-5'8" and have the bone structure from being assigned female at birth (wider hips, shorter limbs), but you want clothing that emphasizes muscle, does NOT cling to curves, and creates a more square or boxy shape?
Enter: FTM fit. 

FTM fit is a new innovation in the fashion industry. Until 2021, it literally did not exist. But at base, the principles underlying it are simple. Change the proportions of clothing to fit the exact needs of the FTM person described above. In other words, make mens clothing that fits comfortably and creates a square shape that emphasizes muscle on FTM bodies.


Where to get FTM pants

As of right now, the number one place to shop for FTM pants is Both& apparel. They are the company to have collected the data to create an FTM or transmasc fit system, and to utilize this system in the creation of high quality, stylish garments that have won awards and brought gender joy to FTM people all over the world.

Both& currently has four pant styles. 


The Marlo

Model in white t-shirt and olive green Marlo pants, sitting on chair

The Marlo was the first pant Both& released. It’s made in high quality cotton with 2% elastane, so there is a forgiving bit of stretch to the pants, without them looking stretching at all. They use a utility pocket style look (the deep square pockets help create a square look at the area FTM people are usually most self conscious of), and they have ingenious side inserts  at the waistband, which makes the fabric fall flat from upper hip to lower hip (usually the curviest area). They are currently available in size 29-42, in black and olive green.


The Jo

Model with black button down shirt and light blue denim Jo jeans

This straight leg denim jean is that pair of classic jeans you always wanted to wear but could never find the right fit for. A Both& best seller, Jo jeans are high quality, break in nicely, and are versatile in their styling. They are currently available in sizes 29-42, in light blue, black, and dark blue.


The Ezra

Model with green shirt and black Ezra cargo pants

After the success of the Jo jean, Both& launched a limited edition run of denim cargos. These have the same great fit, but with the fun style flourish of cargo pockets. Currently available in size 29-42, in light blue and black.


The Jeremiah

Shirtless model with forest green Jeremiah sweatpants

Who knew that sweatpants needed to be innovated for FTM folks? Well, the community upvoted this design, and so Both& created a straight leg, classy lounge wear staple that can be worn around the house or out on the streets.



If you are FTM and have been looking for men’s pants that actually fit, you’ve found the right place. Got a design suggestion or request? We love to hear from the community, and get design inspos directly through our hyper-active Discord. Come join in the fun here.

our collection

  • Lesbian-sweatpants Transmasc-sweatpants-loungewear



    Straight leg luxe loungewear

  • White-transmasc-sweater Nonbinary-sweater-masc



    Euphoric crew neck for square torso shape

  • Nonbinary-denim-jacket-light-blue Daniel-Sea-denim-jacket



    Limited edition collab denim jacket

  • trans-man-denim-cargo-pants lesbian-cargo-pants-denim



    Limited edition drop denim cargo

  • Lesbian-boxy-hoody Transmasc-hoody



    Masc hoody for AFAB bodies

  • Ringer-sleeve-trasnmasc-tee Trans-man-t-shirt



    Vintage style ringer tee

  • Transmasc-utility-pant Transman-straight-leg-pant

    Marlo Gen II


    Create a straight shape at your curviest area

  • transmasc-denim-pants Trans-man-black-jeans



    Jeans with less length and more room at hips

  • Person holding up a red Queer by Design bandana, with original artwork reinterpreting The Creation of Adam Smiling model with red bandana around their neck and black shirt



    Queer by Design bandana

  • White-transmasc-basic-tee nonbinary-classic-tee



    Bestselling transmasc staple tee

  • Masc-drop-shoulder-binding-tee Binding-tee-lesbian



    Bestseller for binding

  • Longsleeve-transmasc-shirt Raglan-longsleeve-transmasc



    Long sleeve that emphasizes shoulders